When COACHING Looks Like Scamming – #StayAlert #FightBack – TELL OTHERS!

MyWorkCompCoach.com came about as an effort to change from a combative communcation mode in regards to what had been learned about the Workers Compensation system in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK to a more amicable, visionary mode.

A medical professional suggested that I attempt to “Coach” other injured workers who had zero to little success in finding legal representation, securing medical care, dealing with WorkComp bureaucracies toward return to work and settlement and even fighting with Social Security administration, where costs are often shifted to by ‘the industry’ goon squads.

“Get out of work comp by any means necessary.  It will kill you.”

This is what some professionals advise their friends who get hurt at work.

DePaolo even wrote an article on whether or not he should report a back injury as a workcomp claim, as he was both the owner/CEO and employee.  He opined that staying outside of the system, using his regular health insurance, would most likely have faster and more positive outcome. Not long after that, he lost his life in a suspicious motorcycle accident.

David had wanted me to help the industry mouth-piece from Australia who opposes legislative change and accountability and promotes giving bags of surplus food to the poor injured workers denied benefits.

I thanked David for thinking of me, but assured him I had no interest in such a project, and that I was in favor of civil rights and human rights, not hand-outs. She was booed off the stage at a 2015 or 2016 CompLaude event; I can understand why.  She attacked me, too and denies the Aussie problems, just like that nuclear mouth-piece from down under. Aussie’s share how the industry provokes ‘suicides’ of their injured workers to save money and increase profits.  It happens in the US more often than any humans would like to believe, but it is one of the #Taboo topics.

That doctor who encouraged the creation of this blog suggested that very few people with serious injuries can get out of #WorkComp, and that perhaps I could share successful strategies that included a fierce social media strategy, a growing email list, and a blog and a video channel.

During  that transition time from the content of ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMPENSATION GRAVY TRAINS, some industry hot shots decided to take some hard core pot shots at me, and some vile disparaging attacks – publicly – on their various blogs.

I, of course, fought back (and won! :D) but it was brutal and disheartening but good for blog views. [The doc laughed at some of the diatribes!]

Prior to that time, I had been one of the four first “Injured Workers” “honored” in the 2014 CompLaude Awards.

David DePaolo had been very kind to me during my combat time within Workers Compensation, and he was also aghast that his colleagues could not/would not help me.

First he told me nobody would help me because ‘there’s no money in it’ [uncontested brain injury – d’oh] then he told me that ‘nobody will help you because you are too angry.’

I acknowledged how awful it must be to have to recognize that one’s peers are heartless sob’s, who would rather see an Injured Worker dead than helped if there insufficient profit margin, or too much work.  Here’s an excerpt from one of David’s articles.


Work Comp and Baseball

And then of course there’s the injured worker.

More often than not, of course, the injured worker gets taken care of. Yes, there are way too many cases that are wrongfully denied, where treatment is inexcusably delayed, where benefits should be provided but aren’t – but most of the time, likely far more than 80% of the time, a claim moves relatively smoothly through the process.

There are, however, claims that are difficult from the very outset. Sometimes we hear about them but most of the time we don’t.

The ones that we do hear about get dismissed from our conscience too easily because the melodrama in their vocalization of what’s wrong gets drowned by our own jaded pessimism.

These cases, though, are real. There are real people behind these cases. People get hurt. People get toyed with. People don’t get what is needed, what is promised in the Grand Bargain, and set aside as disturbed and having unrealistic expectations.

Some contact me because of this blog, seeking answers, help and remedies.

I have met some – like Linda Ayers. I won’t get into Linda’s case here – that’s not the point.

Linda is vocal, like a few other injured workers. She has a blog, she is active in social media, she posts comments to this blog.

And she probably drives the defense crazy as she is prolifically passionate about making sure the system works for her and for other injured workers.

It’s easy to dismiss Linda’s activities as the rantings of an unstable person, but she is not an unstable person. She is a person who’s case spiraled out of control from the beginning, and we know that the early stages of a claim are the most critical.


When I told David I was going to ‘mediation’ with no lawyer, no files, no records, just an open heart and mind, he said I was crazy and could not do that.  (He had also written kindly about me that I was ‘not crazy’ but ‘passionate about civil rights and rights of injured workers.)

David lost his life in a freak incident shortly after his last blog — and nobody will ever convince me it was an accident.  David was not afraid to speak out about corruption.  Nobody has filled his shoes, but they have destroyed his legacy.


I’ll take it again an report back once I get through the whole course.  It includes an “affiliate program” and Dr. Graves suggests gifting the course to people who need it and can’t afford it, and who can’t afford a lawyer.

Check it out….   WIN WITHOUT LAWYERS  — [Note, Disclaimer: If you buy it from my ‘affiliate link’ I’ll get a few bucks to pay for some one one one tutoring and other battle matters. I have not completed the course, but I’ve already learned a great deal. It’s very good!]  It’s a simple course, but not easy.   I truly wish I had found it decades ago.  I can hardly wait to finish the first round….

Over the battlefield, there were fake injured workers, clearly Industry Trolls, who joined in the social media attacks and stalked me on social media and infiltrated my groups.

They wanted Injured Workers to stay in misery and find no way out.

They even suggested that my recommendations for MEDIATION WITH INTENTION TO SETTLE, WITH STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT & Medicare SetAside experts– across America — was a ploy to make money.   Stupid idiots, allegedly in the ‘system’ more than 20 years, on the take, and on the dope.  Real Opiate casualties and worse.

In my efforts to help ‘coach’ injured workers, I have tried to provide thought provoking blogs and resources. At one point, I offered to publish a book of their stories, rendered anonymous, and collected about 20 of them.  Then one stupid injured worker, who allegedly ran for ‘insurance commissioner’ and her band of trolls threatened to sue me.  Ha!  Idiot didn’t know that it’s often more costly to publish a book than to profit by it.  I offered to do it with Love and my money.  After the abuse and threats, I better understood why NOBODY WANTS TO HELP INJURED WORKERS. It’s easier to dope them up and render them stupid as cash-cows.

I moved away from the efforts but still respond when Injured Workers from around the nation reach out.  Most are looking for a magic wand, that does not exist.

I have accepted countless emails and lengthy phone calls, usually thanklessly and often with threats.  One injured worker, after months of attempting to get her legit legal representation, was accepted by one of the few top brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles.  Her kids  threatened me and talked her out of using one of the best of the best lawyers California had to offer in such catastrophic cases.  I don’t know that she survived; I blocked them all upon receipt of the threat.

One injured worker was compelled to attempt suicide repeatedly due, in part, to denied medical care and horrific defense attorneys (who even complained to a Judge about lil’ ol’ me) .

When I talked with the doctor who recommended I start the MY WORK COMP COACH blog, and I told him, “Damn, this is hard.  I am not qualified to deal with suicidal, drugged people and even the kids called me and asked what to do since ‘Mom isn’t moving and we had to go to school.’   What can you do?”


I will never forget his response.  He said, “WHO DO THINK YOU ARE, SISTER TERESA!?”  He muttered something I couldn’t hear about getting in a bingo group with old disabled folks.   LONG TIME WORK COMP DOC……  connect those dots, huh?

The shock on my face at his abuse must have shocked him back about his DO NO HARM oath.   The session was terminated and he sort of apologized.   I went to my car, in tears, and called a friend and said, “MOFO! I think I was just abused by the f—-king shrink!”  My friend said, “Indeed you were.”

Over the years I have encouraged Injured Workers to step outside of the hundreds of facebook little ghettos, pockets of victims of WorkComp, and I have encouraged them to create a blog and be active on social media, with an aim to GET OUT OF WORK COMP BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

I knew of maybe 3 blogs by Injured Workers; The WorkComp propaganda machinery has only about 25 —SO 25 GOONS KEEP THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BAMBOOZLED with PROPAGANDA ABOUT THE HORRORS — EXTERMINATION LEVEL HORRORS – of America’s Workers Comp system.  HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

They party like there’s no tomorrow, and to hell with injured dying workers.

Do you remember:  DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION: From Insult to Injury  [the 2015 investigative reporting, that even included a letter from Congress to then Department of Labor Secretary (now a hot shot in the national demon party).

At least the Canadians organize and speak out, for what it’s worth.

This year I learned that Home Owners Insurance PLAY BOOK is quite similar to WORKERS COMPENSATION Insurance playbook.

Change ‘dirty doctors’ to ‘dirty contractors’ and you know what happens next.  In my 2019 fight, a $10,000 simple roof claim has escalated to over $85,000.

I just got an estimate for $9,500 to mitigate the unmitigated water damage from February.

How’s that going to work out?

Then, in efforts to stay involved in life, on life’s terms, I decided to try another time to hire a ‘publishing consultant or coach’… and some of you on LinkedIn and Twitter already know how that’s working out….

Long story short, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIRE FOR CONSULTING…. I JUST LOST $397 BY AN APPARENT REAL CON ARTIST, AND BECAUSE I CHECKED THE WRONG BOX ON PAY PAL, disputing that product was not as described (I should have ticked the box, PRODUCT NOT DELIVERED) I’m having a heck of time getting a refund – I paid for 2 separate ‘coaching’ calls, 3 download pdf’s, and a 10-hour package of 1/2 hour consulting calls.

She reminded me of why they are called “con artists”… Anyway, pay pal won’t give me back the money, nor will the vendor, nor will she deliver the 10 hours package, and she and her assistant smugly think they got away with it. *

If I didn’t know better, I would suspect she’s just a #ProNuker troll,  #JustFollowing orders.  She’s probably just a common con. She seemed so nice and knowledgeable. #Next!

Awwwww, folks should always do their homework if they’re going to screw someone out of money.  The internet truly levels the battlefield, doesn’t it?  My money is gone, she even falsely tried to convince LinkedIn connections that I endorsed her product — AND I WOULD NEVER KNOWINGLY ENDORSE A CROOK OR ANYBODY SUSPECTED OF BEING A CROOK.   So, we’ll see how that plays out.

As Einstein or some smart guy once said, ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY TO ACT.”

Let it be known that I have never, will never, and DO NOT ENDORSE Deborah S. Nelson, or any of her various entities regarding #bookcoaching, nor do I believe a word of her ‘HELP ME, I’M DYING’  April 2019 GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN.

#BadJoke  Be careful of #online scammers and other unscrupulous characters. She also apparently has the #MeToo complex…. I told her I got a brain injury at work long ago, and she said, “I got one too”   — She’s an expat who apparently preys on people who want to publish books, and her tech know how is also super yesterday.

She caused a delay in time, focus and money that keeps you from reading two excellent pieces on Fukushima and GI Brains. Karma will tend to her.  I’ll do what I can to get a landing page out there so you can sign up for early notice of when the books are done.

(If you saw what she did with a perfectly fine ebook cover, you would spit, too.  The ‘replacement’ draft recommended mis-spelled INTERVIEW and FUKUSHIMA….. and looked like a child did the graphics, and left out 1/2 of the bio images, and had odd line breaks of an incomplete bio. )


There are some GREAT CONSULTANTS AND ‘coaches’ out there… be discerning when find them, and expose to expunge when you find the fakers — just share your experience…. and that should suffice. We’ll make and share a list of some legit coaches and programs to check out. It’s not rocket science; it’s just particularly challenging for a concussion-ist, as it deals with timing, sequence, and structures.

#DodgeRads #OccupyVirtually


Other reading, viewing and resources


#BookCoach LinkedIn commentaries:

*Here’s a story about Con Artists — we’ve all met one at some point in life, haven’t we.  Mitigate! Expose.

My Best Friend Was A Con Artist Who Scammed Me Out Of $92,000. Here’s How I Got Justice.



TAKE THE QUIZ:    How to Win in Court Without a Lawyer

Click to access letter-from-federal-lawmakers-to-labor-on.pdf



Vlogs – Injured Workers and Others


If you are a worker, and get hurt at work…. GOT BRAINS? GOT POEMS? GOT WILL-TO-SURVIVE? READ ON


To quote one American psychopathic #WorkComp doctor,

‘If they have human rights complaints, tell them to TAKE IT TO THE HAGUE.’  



“Without a blog, a growing email list, and a fierce social media strategy, Injured Workers are unarmed and unprotected in the GLOBAL WAR ON WORKERS.”



BRAVO James Mansell !!

I was just writing this – Asking permission to put it in a blog. Do you have an email address that you want attached to it?

Permission requested to reproduce in the blog — MyWorkCompCoach.com —what email address to add to your name???

Let me know at WorkCompLinda@gmail.com

WE HAVE VERY SIMILAR ISSUES IN THE USA and just a couple of Injured Workers who dare to blog for freedom and #HumanRights

There are said to be 54 million or more injured and disabled workers in the USA…..

#WorkComp here is a mega billion dollar death kamp. Too many injured workers cannot believe that, and die trying to get help.

Doctors and lawyers who run from the WorkComp world advise their friends and neighbors to “get out of Work Comp by any means necessary- it will kill you.”





After you read the poems, view the interview with the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz” — taken into custody and tried in his 90’s.  Ponder on the similarities between his actions and those of the 21st Century Sonderkommando operation, similar atrocities, politely called “Workers Compensation” or a derivative of such corporate and political nonsense.

Injured Workers around the world could address the “stakeholders” in their cases simply as “OSKAR” —  Read on.

Many Americans work 30, 40, 50 years before becoming victims of the system, which is a death sentence, and barely escapable Death Kamps.  Obviously, the same is so in Canada.


96-Year-Old Convicted Nazi Declared Fit for Prison

“Oskar Groening was known as the “bookkeeper of Auschwitz” for his job counting cash taken from the camp’s victims. … He came to attention in 2005 after giving interviews about his work in the camp in an attempt to persuade Holocaust deniers that the genocide had taken place.”

Then there is the matter in the USA of the Social Security Administration paying Nazi War Criminals SSA funds, while denying Injured American Workers benefits for years and years, and for further matters of incompetence and apparent malfeasance in the handling of SSA disability awards, in collusion with goodness knows how many unclean hands — that may be arrested in their 90’s, should they live so long.

“On the other hand, the only public interest we must consider is whether the information sought would shed light on the way an agency performs its statutory duties.”SSA Records Concerning Social Security Benefits and Nazi War Criminals pdf

The image below is just example of the #MagicMath and Financial Terrorism an Injured Worker in the USA can experience — combined misconduct in the State Disability, Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation Insurance and Long Term Disability Insurance, and neo-fascist type doctors and lawyers, most all of whom put PROFITS BEFORE LIVES… makes it truly a WAR ON WORKERS.

Nothing changes at SSA….except the guestimates and ways to ofuscate evidence, churn files, cheat and harm injured workers for unknown profits of unknown unnamed parties…

NAIDW.org – National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers – has some of the best virtual support groups in the land.  Facebook has a bunch of groups with thousands of Injured Workers supporting one another, telling the truth, strategizing for survival.  Many would like to see criminal prosecutions; others just want medical care and benefits and freedom from WorkComp atrocities.

[MEDIATION – neutral 3rd party mediation with all stakeholders, with intention to settle, is one way out.  It isn’t easy, and requires a fierce social media strategy and some outside help from people of goodwill.]

There are American non-profit organizations with powerful Boards of Directors.  They educate and indoctrinate college age children of catastrophically injured workers… and even offer them jobs and travel and more.

WHAT IF SUCH AN ORGANIZATION DID SOMETHING TO LEND A HAND TO THE CATASTROPHICALLY INJURED WORKERS instead of causing children to witness the helplessness, torture and abuse of an injured parent and learn quickly to remain silent in order to get a “college degree” ….. Guilt that no child should have to live with, or choices that no child should have to make.  The Profits Before Lives playbooks are not unlike those of a similar killing industry – Nuclear.

[Search TABLE OF POISONED AMERICAN CITIES and wonder how Injured Nuclear Workers are treated.  We know how they are treated in Japan…. ]

If you are a worker, and get hurt at work…. by James Mansell, Canada

If you are a worker, and get hurt at work,
Better hope that it’s minor, before the caseworkers smirk,They don’t listen to your doctor, or any specialists,
Their doctors know more, that they insist,They refuse you the care, and time needed to heal,
And think that your injury, is not a big deal,A short time will pass, then the caseworker jerk,
Gives you a call, wearing the WCB smirk,They dreamed all night long, about calling you in,
So they can just give you, that shit eating grin,They tell you your fine, and get back to work,
Those smug faced caseworkers, cause even worse hurt,Then you go so long, so many years,
Without any pay, you lay there in tears,The depression is real, and that you can’t hide,
That last little push, can cause suicide,But that doesn’t matter, to the compensation board,
It’s only the money, that they plan to hoard,They fight and they fuss, and they tell you a lie,
All in their game, so they can deny,The smug face caseworker, ruins your life,
Hoping your nightmare, even hurts your wife,It’s time that this changed, that I can say,
Let us injured workers, deny them their pay!!By James Mansell.
New Years 2018

Another year past, and slow it went by,
Hundreds of hurt workers, and their families cry,
Somehow made it through, the compensation abuse,
Without proper help, compo says there’s no use,
Disabled workers, only cost them their cash,
Which they only plan, to keep in their stash,
Big buisness pays dues, to cover their ass,
But workers compensation, has absolutely no class,
When disabled workers, pleads them for help,
Workers compensation tells them, they’ll pass,
Our governments ignore, this horrific abuse,
You beg and you plead, but there’s absolutely no use,
To live without pride, or food just to eat,
Some even end up, living in the street,
With no way to pay, their rent or their bills,
They sell what they owned, it gives them the chills,
Building our country, workerd hard all their life,
Without any thanks, it causes harsh strife,
If you get hurt, while doing your job,
Worker’s compensation, your money they hog,
They wont help you heal, and thats a done deal,
Its disabled workers, who’s money they steal,
Your way better off, running to hide,
Before workers compensation, cause your suicide,

By James Mansell.

From British Columbia , To Alberta , and Manitoba too,
Ontario , Saskatchewan , And Nova Scotia too ,
To Newfoundland , New Brunswick , And even PEI ,
These are the places , Where Workers Compensation Boards Deny ,
They deny our injured workers , medical help they need ,
They take their only money, their kids they can not feed ,
The governments don’t help , for reasons I do not know ,
Has to be the money , they only like the flow ,
They dont care about our workers , I feel that is a shame ,
They treat our injured workers , only inhumane ,
They rob our injured workers , of the money set aside ,
Forcing many injured workers, to commit suicideBy James Mansell
. Some in this world, care for fellow man,
Some in this world, care and take a stand,
Some in this world, collect and they hoard,
Those ones are known, as the workers compensation board…. .
Some in this world, get injured at work,
Some in this world, end up dealing with a jerk,
Some in this world, hope to someday get well,
But end up going, through WCB hell,Some in this world, the laws they abide,
They beg and they plead, WCB throws them aside,
When the government ignores, and says they won’t help,
The poor injured worker, let’s out a yelp,
As they lay there wondering, how to live without pride,
The poor disabled worker, commits suicide…………..
By James Mansell.




LISTEN! I Spit on Your Grave | Pro-Nukers Spread Death … – YouTube

#DodgeRads #OccupyVirtually



Is there Collusion between Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability and State Disability — FOR PROFIT?

Is the 14th Amendment being violated routinely, for the profits of the few?

Have you done any research on Government Misconduct and Corruption as it relates to the Injured and Disabled Communities?

Do you have any citable research? Injured Workers often complain about the #MagicMath of Social Security and Long Term Disability carriers that leaves them impoverished and unable to return to work and constant continued battles with SSA and LTD? How can that be RIGHT?

A similar post was shared in the WorkCompCentral LinkedIn group.  David DePaolo would care.   We’ll see if anybody else will.

Private responses welcome via LinkedIN or atWorkCompLinda@gmail.com  David DePaolo would care.

#POTUS was also mentioned in the first post and tweet, as it seems to be one of the #SWAMPY issues that needs executive intervention.



On Labor and Health… Why does it take #SSA years and years to calculate basic retro pay with numerous miscalculations after multiple fraudulent denials of claims with mean remarks like, ‘yeah, we know you have a brain injury but it’s not bad enough to keep you from being a salesperson’?

They still can’t get the numbers right and want to omit records for the Judge to make decisions based on incomplete evidence, and evidence omitted with apparent intend to trick the judge into making a poor decision?

Yikes. False Evidence Appearing Real. UnUsual in a Workplace injury, huh?

I can’t imagine a Judge appreciating being fooled like that, can you? I get to be the bearer of the bad news. We tried to play nice. Oh well.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Amazon’s listings for GOVERNMENT MISCONDUCT AND CORRUPTION FOR THIS ONE, HUH?


14th Amendment | Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

MORE FOLLOWS… Watch for updates in MyWorkCompCoach.com and AskAboutWorkersCompGravyTrains.com — it should prove to be an interesting year end wrap up.

Gotta run. Gotta re-study DEFENSE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATHS and get that research and report done and sent off to the Judge and a few other additional parties. WISH ME LUCK! Continue to

#DodgeTheRads and #StayOuttaTheStreets! YOU KNOW WHY!




Whatcha Gonna do to #DodgeTheRads Now ?!



Source: Is there Collusion between Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability and State Disability — FOR PROFIT?





Here is a communication shared with a few injured workers and medical care providers who have been battling the system for years.  It was written so that it could just be given to the attorney, if warranted.  Maybe it will help you also?  
Please let me know if it brings other questions to your mind, and we’ll see about answering them in another blog, in a general way, so others may also be helped.   Or, we can find some experts to address the issues in greater detail.

These are some rough thoughts on how mediation with a structured settlement team and Medicare Set Aside Expert can help move a WorkComp case to Settlement, freeing up an Injured Worker to get medical care. It is really quite simple and effective.

The drawing attached is a “mind-map” created as a draft and talking points for the blog.

mind map structured settlement out

DISCLAIMER:  This is not legal, accounting or tax advice and you are encouraged to seek professional advice from same before entering into any agreements with anybody.

Insurance carriers are often inclined to AGREE TO MEDIATE when “RESERVES” are known to be high.  Via a structured settlement situation, they somehow save money with spending future dollars and not all in one chunk.

A good Structured Settlement negotiator is key, and a good, EXPERIENCED WorkComp MEDIATOR.   There seems to be a whole new venue of “Medicare Set Aside” experts, which the Mediation/Settlement team can probably recommend.  Social Security is a mine-field, so stay alert and be prepared for anything.

Mediation seems to work for unrepresented injured workers, but it’s more work for all parties, and some people won’t do it.

If you have legal representation willing to step aside and let settlement negotiations take place, it can be win/win/win for all parties, and more importantly, can mean freedom and restoration of civil rights for the injured workers.

Some attorneys representing Injured Workers are even known to accept their portion of settlement on a structured basis, as it also has some tax benefits, if I understand it correctly.

Often, the “parties reach agreement, subject to a confidentiality agreement” and the injured worker is spared years of delays, denied medical care and legal anguish.  The carriers often save money, and close the books.  Attorneys get paid, even when they have done little to facilitate resolution and settlement.

So, remembers, it is NOT ARBITRATION.  Mediation takes place outside of WorkComp arena and is approved by a WorkComp Judge upon completion.

Mediate.com is a resource that shows how few professionals are involved in WorkComp SOLUTIONS in California.    There are several structured settlement companies that also specialize in WorkComp structured settlements.

If you or your attorney would like the contact information for a couple of professionals, please feel free to let me know.   Using my name may or may not be beneficial.  One California Brain Injury Super Lawyer allegedly told one TBI Survivor “you are very lucky to have Linda as an advocate on your behalf.”   Others have said that I “scare industry people”….

If your attorney says the carrier and defense will not settle, he/she may not have all the information and tools to make that happen.  It can start with a simple call to the defense with a question, “What will it take to settle this case now?”

If your attorney wants some encouragement to explore settlement possibilities, feel free to have him/her contact me.

“Anytime, anywhere any Injured Worker reaches out for help, I want helping hands to be there, and for that, I am responsible.”

Best wishes,
Linda Ayres


wc workcomp 6 1 2017 - 2


Continue to #DodgeTheRads!  “Know your Rad Number!”  



Got #Brains or know someone who does? Are you a doctor, lawyer, judge, politician or other professional interacting with TBI survivors?

Got #Brains or know someone who does?

Are you a doctor, lawyer, judge, politician or other professional interacting with and profiting from TBI survivors? Find out what you don’t know, and don’t treat, and don’t represent when it comes to brains— ethics demands you GET SMART.

BOOKMARK this YouTube WEBSITE, and share it when a friend or client shares they have a brain injury.   Subscribe to this blog for periodic updates.    Here’s a page of more VIDEOS on WorkComp, which include, but are not limited to HEAD INJURIES.

One example of incompetence, willful ignorance and worse is the number of attorneys in the WorkComp field who falsely purport to be capable and competent to represent people with brain injuries — and think a brain injury is the same as representing someone with a broken finger.

THAT’S MALPRACTICE, IN CASE YOU’RE NOT SURE. It would further seem that Orthopedic Surgeons, Clinical Psychologists, Cardiologists, Podiatrists purporting to treat brain injuries is another form of MALPRACTICE.

It’s a wacked out business plan….risk a $100,000 maximum ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit if medical care costs will exceed it.  WIN WIN, and increased referrals and ‘gifts’ to contributing complicit doctors, lawyers and politicians and/or their non-profit organizations??  Pffffft.

Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick/Kroger et al apparently legitimized and made it possible for ‘the system’ to get away with it…. remember, that court decision apparently gave the Insurance industry profiteers  the “green light” to deny medical care by any means necessary, without prosecution for fraud, malfeasance, culpable negligence and just outright dereliction of duties.  THANK A CALIFORNIA POLITICIAN.

For those of you funded to do “studies”….  compare the outcomes of the non-work-comp Brain Injury Community to those who suffer, wither and die waiting for proper diagnoses and any legitimate medical care, often for years within the American Worker’s Comp system.

While non-Work-comp patients also deal with unknowledgeable and incompetent providers, or specialists who operate like those who ‘only have a hammer, so everything they see looks like a nail’…. THE WORK COMP SURVIVORS HAVE THE ADDITIONAL FIGHT FOR LIFE WITHIN A SYSTEM DESIGNED TO MILK THEM FOR PROFITS, AS CASH COWS, FOR AS MANY YEARS AS POSSIBLE, THEN TOTALLY DISABLE THEM, AND KICK THEM TO THE CURB, Shifting costs to the victims,  government agencies and private charities, etc.

Vlogs – Injured Workers and Others

Remember the words of the former Secretary of the Department of Labor:

“I hope that Congress will step up”- he added. “We have to fix this system.” – Thomas Perez – DOL

D’oh!  Tell your friends and neighbors; Congress already knows!


I recently found a great new #TBI channel….. I watched almost all her videos last week…..best I’ve seen out of a Survivor yet…. her little Snow White skit is silly but any TBI survivor will ‘get it’…SOLUTION ORIENTED. . .

Here’s the link….Nathalie Kelly starts with her story.  2:30 minutes.  The Traumatic Brain Injury Coach Introduction   Boat crash.  Not Work Related.

She has interviewed experts and has a great marketing strategy for funding her youtube video education….. simple and easy, using NLP– neurolinguistic programming — hypnotist… Check it out…it’s uplifting and heart warming… TheTBICoach.com   If you’re a professional, reach out to Nathalie…. she might feature you in one of upcoming videos.

Optimizing Your Brain Function

There are many more  goood to great resources for self-care that the professional world, including DoD, fail to deliver.  There are also a few good doctors, lawyers, politicians, providers etc.  Hard to find, but findable…

There are many great blogs by Brain Injury Survivors, and many authors who have been telling their stories to all would care to listen.  Do you have a favorite?  Let us know….

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If YOU could wave a Magic Wand and Change Anything About Workers Compensation – What would it Be?

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If YOU could wave a magic wand & change ANYTHING about #WorkComp, what would it be??

#WorkComp is NOT an employee benefit.

Ask the Secretary of the Department of Labor. Let the dust settle between DOJ and FBI and blog like there’s no tomorrow!

#DodgeTheRads and remember WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

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What’s YOUR WorkComp Story?

Will you be the “100th Monkey” of Transformation?



If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about #WorkComp I would FIRST have to turn all of the attorneys into butterflies….in order to .in order to protect Injured Workers from them and their ilk



If I could wave a magic wand and change anything else about #WorkComp, I would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate RICO level abuses of Injured Worker’s in every state at every level… Starting from the top down. I would set up a human rights commission for immediate intervention to save the lives of the current hostages of Worker’s Compensation. I would send in the National Guard to every state to facilitate release of the hostages and get them to legitimate medical care and safety from the harm perpetrated by the profiteers of Worker’s Compensation….



If I could wave a magic wand and change anything else about #WorkComp, I would empower every injured worker to blog and document all the atrocities of their experiences in Worker’s Compensation and empower them further to do so without fear or caution, naming names, dates and crimes committed against them in the name of workers comp.

If I could wave a magic wand and change anything else about #WorkComp, I would inspire the good people at ProPublica and NPR to immediately publish the rest of the story submitted to them by Injured Workers across America, working in cooperation with their investigative journalist organizations, recognizing that we are the media now, and that lives are at stake. Time is of the essence.



If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, I would put a two-year limit on every case. If sufficient medical care is not provided in that period of time to facilitate return to work, settlement including lifetime medical outside of Work Comp would be mandatory along with lifetime lost wages. Currently there is no incentive to provide medical care, comply with the law, provide disability benefits… Yet it is $1 billion industry destroying American lives daily. Time for change.




If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, I would demolish Worker’s Compensation immediately, invoking magic that it returns to the nothingness from which it came, causing no further harm and suffering.


If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, all evidence of malfeasance will be immediately investigated and trials for treason initiated.


If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, I would establish a legitimate protocol for medical benefits and treatment without delay, with intentions to facilitate healing and return to work, with and without accommodations, and rehabilitation when prior work is no longer possible due to injuries. A compassionate and human kindness program which screens out psychopaths would be immediately implemented. Catastrophically injured workers would be treated with compassion dignity and their remaining days would be filled with comfort and opportunities to serve humanity in whatever capacity they are able. There would be no need to protect egregiously injured workers from the sonderkommando of yesterday. Human kindness prevails.


If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, I would ensure that the unsuspecting public was fully apprised of the atrocities taking place for the profits of the few, and those people of goodwill would join Injured Worker’s


If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, I would touch the hearts and souls of every human with the will to good, the ability to blog, vlog, post share email pin tweet etc in full recognition of the grave responsibility of knowing that WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW!


If I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp I would empower every injured worker to blog, while they are able to shelter in place, and encourage other members of the unsuspecting public to take all necessary precautions and to #DodgeTheRads


PS IF I could wave a magic wand to change anything else about #WorkComp, law would be enforced, criminal doctors and lawyers and vendors would be prosecuted, properly tried and executed for crimes against humanity, without delay.



#RTW. #ReturnToWork Conceptually it is a nice idea but when medical care is denied to ensure that medical improvements cannot be made, return to work is just a fantasy. When there is a program that provides immediate reasonable & necessary medical care, lives will be saved and corporate dollars will be saved For example, some people with #brain injuries return to work in 3 to 6 months after things like speech therapy with cognitive remediation, chiropractic and acupuncture, psychological help to deal with impairments…If the injuries are NOT work related. A standard pattern of practice for a brain injury in the #WorkComp world starts with termination of benefits & routine bullying & intimidation & denial of medical care upon diagnosis of brain injury. The stories are told by nurses, correctional officers, lawyers, etc. A comparison of outcomes for the same type of injuries inside and outside of #WorkComp tells all. The crisis of hyper corruption where leased owned doctors are paid thousands of dollars to write dirty reports with intention to deny medical care seems to be a core issue. “If I had a magic wand & could change anything about Worker’s Compensation, the first thing I would do is turn dirty doctors into butterflies to protect IWs”


“If I could wave a magic wand and change something about #WorkersCompensation, I would make sure that everyone of their panel conventions has at least two injured workers to represent the truth at their regular five diamond resort conferences. All conferences would be drug-free and alcohol free by all panelists and participants. (12 step meetings nearby or on site) Every vendor, as part of exhibit fees, would be required to sponsor for the entire event and Injured Workers capable of interacting with the WorkComp community in order to build bridges to truth transformation and life saving skills. All participants would be able to enjoy the beauty of the butterflies… (attorneys transformed into butterflies with the first wave of the magic wand.) and be reminded of freedom, life, liberty and justice for all.



“If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about the increasing suicide rates in America I would first…. Put word out on the Streets to missing Veterans so they can be redeployed to find Missing Injured Workers also committing suicides daily….. They can compare pharmaceutical abuses, failed surgeries, denied medical care, head games, corrupt doctors, the political malfeasance…. In other Words, highly trained Veterans can team up as Battle-Buddies on the #WorkComp battlefields and teach civilians how to conduct themselves in a hostage situation. Nobody else will help Injured Americans… Will America’s veterans again come to the aid of our country?”


What do so many #WorkComp doctors write dirty incoherent inaccurate fraudulent reports? This short animation might give some clues about the money trail and Waze for doctors to be happier without harming and destroying lives….. “If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about #WorkersCompensation I would make all the doctors “happy doctors” who DO NO HARM! See some of the how here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBtP68lbnEc&sns=em


All Nuclear Reactors Leak All Of The Time #DodgeTheRads

Get the Book — THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne– by 11/24/16 , read the intro chapters, and starting December 1, let’s do the 28 day exercises together? I found this book in May 2015… By November 2015, the parties in my #workcomp case “reached resolution subject to a confidentiality agreement.” I continue to use the practices in this book with magical results. You can, too! Are you in? 🤔 Continue to dodge the rads, remember remember 5th of November #YRTW NOTICE! #ExtinctionIsBoring!

We Are The Media Now! PS. A similar invitation was extended to #InjuredWorkers and #WorkCompsters over on LinkedIn and Twitter. Invite your friends. It’s a higher level than the #GladGame! If you have a job or had a job or want a job, you are included in the invitation for the group experiment! ENERGY FOLLLOWS THOUGHT! THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! Let’s do it!

In the interim, “if you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about Worker’s Compensation today…..” – MyWorkCompCoach.com Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


“If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about Worker’s Compensation, I would ask the president to appoint a special prosecutor in every state to investigate the operations and money laundering activities of Worker’s Compensation to immediately stop the harm to Injured Workers across America” While this WCAB example maybe “legal” maybe it isn’t? Foxes and Hen houses are the norm? Follow this money trail… http://news.workcompacademy.com/2016/McKinney_ADJ10124565.pdf


What is the status of the “accident” investigation? David DePaolo’s last article talked about corruption and invited class-action….and three days later an experienced motorcycle rider veered off the road yo death ? There was a blip in the news that about a “medical event” that sounded like a cesium-exposure heart attack. Are the investigations ongoing? Are there investigations into injured worker defense-incited suicides to protect profits before lives? What can Injured Workers do when they can’t find competent ethical legal representation and they are denied other support services because they are not represented in California, and probably elsewhere? If not, “if I could wave a magic wand, I would ask the president to appoint a special investigator into work comp related deaths…..” Cc Michael Grabell Howard Berkes ACLU of Southern California ACLU of Northern California ACLU


“If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about Worker’s Compensation, I would ask the president to appoint A special prosecutor to investigate deaths related to #WorkComp with and without plausible deniability….outside of the usual internal affairs type industry investigations…..” David’s friends may have looked the other way, but injured Workers he befriended did not…


Indictments could help with learning lessons? “If if I could wave a magic wand and change anything about #WorkersCompensation, another thing I would do is ensure that all dirty doctors are immediately indicted and banned from medical practice forever more… profits before lives is in direct conflict to their Hypocrisy and oaths…”

“How long? NOT LONG!…..”


#WorkComp “if I could wave a magic wand, every injured worker around the globe would be trained in matters of safety and effective whistleblowing and defense against the psychopaths that relentlessly and callously put profits before lives… and the unsuspecting public would be fully informed of the egregious harm committed by an entire industry, costing Injured Workers their lives and taxpayers their money. #WorkersCompensation is NOT an employee benefit.” What other organization used to maim and kill parents and train up the children in their own fascism?


More comments and examples soon. Thank you. “If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about Worker’s Compensation, another thing I would change is to ask the president-elect to appoint a special prosecutor into the matters of impoverishment of injured workers that are compounded by denials of medical care, refusal to pay disability payments, cost shifting to taxpayers, failed surgeries, and intimidation, bullying and thinly veiled threats by defense practitioners with intent to incite suicides in the PROFITS BEFORE LIVES BUSINESS MODEL Pleasantly called “Worker’s Compensation”


“If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about the increasing suicide rates in America I would first…. Put word out on the Streets to missing Veterans so they can be redeployed to find Missing Injured Workers also committing suicides daily….. They can compare pharmaceutical abuses, failed surgeries, denied medical care, head games, corrupt doctors, the political malfeasance…. In other Words, highly trained Veterans can team up as Battle-Buddies on the #WorkComp battlefields and teach civilians how to conduct themselves in a hostage situation. Nobody else will help Injured Americans… Will America’s veterans again come to the aid of our country?”


Give Kids a Chance? Don’t force the children of Injured Worker’s to witness the maiming and torturing of their parents because insurance profiteers want to hoard profits, mock the law, deny medical care and live above the law and violate human rights and civil rights without fear or caution! Be Human! Imagine if this same group of supporters supported medical care & benefits to Injured Workers? “IF I could wave a magic wand to change anything about Worker’s Compensation, these parties & supporters would support medical care benefits and justice and law enforcement for Injured Workers across the United States of America, including but not limited to #KidsChanceInc supporters such as: a unique coalition of groups within the workers’ compensation system, including labor, plaintiff and defense attorneys, judiciary, insurance industry, medical providers, vendors and other supportive businesses, which have come together to meet collective goals…” Research it!


If #WorkersCompensation practices cause irreparable harm to the children of Injured Workers across America, would you care? Would you do anything to change it? If influencers in related fields that profit by corruption that causes irreparable harm to children of Injured Worker’s were aware that the practices forced children to witness the maiming, torture & human rights abuses of a parent because of a work injury- would they be complicit in such crimes of abuse if they did nothing to help protect the children & worker-parent? If those influencers refuse to lift a finger to stop torture & abuse of the injured worker but promised to “educate” their children, would you give them money? Give Kids A Chance—don’t make them watch a torturous death of an injured worker parent and promise them an education if they keep their mouth shut. Is history repeating itself? #WorkComp is not an employee benefit “if I could wave a magic wand, I would help children of injured Workers expose crimes they witness with courage to blow the whistles”


It is a pity & a shame that attorneys involved in #WorkersCompensation cases seem to have negligible negotiation skills yet refuse to participate in mediation: All to the harm & detriment of Injured Workers’s & their Kids, who are essentially unprotected in the American #WorkComp system. “If I could wave a magic wand, I would place a two-year limit on all work comp cases. If medical care has been insufficient to return an injured worker to work,The grand bargainers would be required to mediate & settle up…” Cases that drag on, torture for years & years & years without benefits without medical care without income without representation seem un-American don’t they? show less


 If I could wave a magic wand & change anything about #WorkersCompensation I would ensure immediate reasonable & appropriate medical care & benefits & incite mediation with intention to settle and abolish litigation and the litigators. 


Hey…do you want to do a group experiment? Get this book — THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne–  read the intro chapters, and starting December 1, let’s do the 28 day exercises together?

I found this book in May 2015… By November 2015, the parties in my #workcomp case “reached resolution subject to a confidentiality agreement.” I continue to use the practices in this book with magical results. You can, too! Are you in? 🤔

Continue to dodge the rads, remember remember 5th of November #YRTW NOTICE! #ExtinctionIsBoring! We Are The Media Now!

Your Radiation This Week - NOTICE

PS. A similar invitation was extended to #InjuredWorkers and #WorkCompsters over on LinkedIn and Twitter. Invite your friends. It’s a higher level than the #GladGame!


If you have a job or had a job or want a job, you are included in the invitation for the group experiment! ENERGY FOLLLOWS THOUGHT! THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! Let’s do it! In the interim, “if you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about Worker’s Compensation today…..” – MyWorkCompCoach.com Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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