Got #Brains or know someone who does? Are you a doctor, lawyer, judge, politician or other professional interacting with TBI survivors?

Got #Brains or know someone who does?

Are you a doctor, lawyer, judge, politician or other professional interacting with and profiting from TBI survivors? Find out what you don’t know, and don’t treat, and don’t represent when it comes to brains— ethics demands you GET SMART.

BOOKMARK this YouTube WEBSITE, and share it when a friend or client shares they have a brain injury.   Subscribe to this blog for periodic updates.    Here’s a page of more VIDEOS on WorkComp, which include, but are not limited to HEAD INJURIES.

One example of incompetence, willful ignorance and worse is the number of attorneys in the WorkComp field who falsely purport to be capable and competent to represent people with brain injuries — and think a brain injury is the same as representing someone with a broken finger.

THAT’S MALPRACTICE, IN CASE YOU’RE NOT SURE. It would further seem that Orthopedic Surgeons, Clinical Psychologists, Cardiologists, Podiatrists purporting to treat brain injuries is another form of MALPRACTICE.

It’s a wacked out business plan….risk a $100,000 maximum ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit if medical care costs will exceed it.  WIN WIN, and increased referrals and ‘gifts’ to contributing complicit doctors, lawyers and politicians and/or their non-profit organizations??  Pffffft.

Romano Trust vs. Sedgwick/Kroger et al apparently legitimized and made it possible for ‘the system’ to get away with it…. remember, that court decision apparently gave the Insurance industry profiteers  the “green light” to deny medical care by any means necessary, without prosecution for fraud, malfeasance, culpable negligence and just outright dereliction of duties.  THANK A CALIFORNIA POLITICIAN.

For those of you funded to do “studies”….  compare the outcomes of the non-work-comp Brain Injury Community to those who suffer, wither and die waiting for proper diagnoses and any legitimate medical care, often for years within the American Worker’s Comp system.

While non-Work-comp patients also deal with unknowledgeable and incompetent providers, or specialists who operate like those who ‘only have a hammer, so everything they see looks like a nail’…. THE WORK COMP SURVIVORS HAVE THE ADDITIONAL FIGHT FOR LIFE WITHIN A SYSTEM DESIGNED TO MILK THEM FOR PROFITS, AS CASH COWS, FOR AS MANY YEARS AS POSSIBLE, THEN TOTALLY DISABLE THEM, AND KICK THEM TO THE CURB, Shifting costs to the victims,  government agencies and private charities, etc.

Vlogs – Injured Workers and Others

Remember the words of the former Secretary of the Department of Labor:

“I hope that Congress will step up”- he added. “We have to fix this system.” – Thomas Perez – DOL

D’oh!  Tell your friends and neighbors; Congress already knows!


I recently found a great new #TBI channel….. I watched almost all her videos last week… I’ve seen out of a Survivor yet…. her little Snow White skit is silly but any TBI survivor will ‘get it’…SOLUTION ORIENTED. . .

Here’s the link….Nathalie Kelly starts with her story.  2:30 minutes.  The Traumatic Brain Injury Coach Introduction   Boat crash.  Not Work Related.

She has interviewed experts and has a great marketing strategy for funding her youtube video education….. simple and easy, using NLP– neurolinguistic programming — hypnotist… Check it out…it’s uplifting and heart warming…   If you’re a professional, reach out to Nathalie…. she might feature you in one of upcoming videos.

Optimizing Your Brain Function

There are many more  goood to great resources for self-care that the professional world, including DoD, fail to deliver.  There are also a few good doctors, lawyers, politicians, providers etc.  Hard to find, but findable…

There are many great blogs by Brain Injury Survivors, and many authors who have been telling their stories to all would care to listen.  Do you have a favorite?  Let us know….

Radiation poisoning impacts the brain and executive functions (just look at California’s politicians for some clues about LOEF – Loss of Executive Function!)….  Be ITK and also take precautions about Your Radiation This Week.   Subscribe to THIS YouTube Channel also:  “Facing a Dying Nation” —  Nichols on Nuclear 


This is a public service message brought to you by Linda Ayres and Friends —  Shall we update this page this year?

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