Litigation, Litigation Intimidation, Lawfare and or Fixers? Mold and Mycotoxins! Oh My!

How much is #WorkersCompensation claims handling like #PropertyInsurance handling? Isn’t it funny how some law firms “specialize” in both? Weird, huh?


Got Contractor Complaints

Do your own research; draw your own conclusions about using State Farm Preferred Vendors FOR ANYTHING!


Here are a few resources that might be of value/interest in you, or someone you know, had been egregiously and intentionally harmed by State Farm and it’s Preferred Vendors.

#LegalUp2022 – an InfoTrack US event – April 5-6, 2022

One of the sessions is “A beginner’s guide to eDiscovery”

and HOW TO WIN IN COURT – a legal self help course of international distinction. Take the legal quiz; if you don’t pass the quiz, TAKE THE COURSE

State Farm told me I was required to use their Preferred Vendors for policy coverage when my roof blew off 2/2/2019. Then they started lying about it and sending computer generated emails in late February 2019 suggesting it was a wise…

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Why does State Farm hate Disabled Americans? WHY DO THEY CALL IT INSURANCE?

How similar is #THIS to the #WorkersCompensation #Battlefield? WHO WILL PROTECT THE #Injured and #Disabled #Americans from #CorporateMonsters?

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Got Contractor Complaints

WHY DO THEY CALL IT INSURANCE? Asking for Some Friends!

#GotContractorComplaints #MeToo 




BTW—my complaints about State Farm ® & its #TeamsOfCrooks posing as #PreferredVendors are not complex at all, nor is it a matter of a disgruntled policy holder denied a roof replacement

The #Phoenix & #Atlanta #Claims #adjusters & #managers be mad because I interrupted their targeted #kickback scam in first 30 days & documented the #misconduct nearly daily with assigned adjuster, #generalContractor & Remediators.

They #slowwalked #roof replacement 40 days, blamed one another— all with aims to turn a $10k claim into one of tens of thousands of dollars.

When the gig was up, they faked clearance to rebuild- knowing full well the toxic dangers of unremediated water…

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Efforts for Resolution have Failed with State Farm and it’s PreferredVendors, so far

How similar is #THIS to the #WorkComp #Battlefield?
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Got Contractor Complaints

 Aug 4, 2020, 11:24 AM (9 days ago)

Contractor Connection, State Farm, and Paul Davis Corporate, ServPro Corporate

Got Mold?? Who did it?!! SEVEN ACTION STEPS TO SETTLEMENT! Let’s Fix This Now!


I am writing to you today [August 4, 2020]  because to date after a year and a half of no resolution to the damage and now the health concerns that your network contractors caused to my home and my health, I am in hopes that you will resolve the issues listed below post haste!

As I understand it, Contractor Connection partnered with my carrier State Farm and adjusted my claim telling me that I would be guaranteed a hire level of service if I agreed to use one of Contractor Connections network contractors to work on my home.

I was…

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How many similarities do you think there are between #WorkCompensation and #Homeowners Insurance?
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Got Contractor Complaints

Yesterday was fun. In getting estimates for some build back stuff at home, the representative who came to the house said he knows me from LinkedIn (and mutual connections, previous biz associations and colleagues) Ha! Trippy to meet a VirtualFriend in Person!

I warned him that he might be shocked at how I am living without walls, insulation, flooring and furniture. He was so kind!! Even said he would pray for me.


The guys at State Farm and those they sent are relentless monsters, and the ones I found were not much better.

It’s not enough for them that they destroyed my home and health and stole my money, my time and my abilities to move forward with bringing YOU MORE AND BETTER PACKAGED INFORMATION ON THE RADIATION MATTERS ACROSS AMERICA.

One environmental hygienists said that if State Farm ever settles up to restore my home to preloss…

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Here is a communication shared with a few injured workers and medical care providers who have been battling the system for years.  It was written so that it could just be given to the attorney, if warranted.  Maybe it will help you also?  
Please let me know if it brings other questions to your mind, and we’ll see about answering them in another blog, in a general way, so others may also be helped.   Or, we can find some experts to address the issues in greater detail.

These are some rough thoughts on how mediation with a structured settlement team and Medicare Set Aside Expert can help move a WorkComp case to Settlement, freeing up an Injured Worker to get medical care. It is really quite simple and effective.

The drawing attached is a “mind-map” created as a draft and talking points for the blog.

mind map structured settlement out

DISCLAIMER:  This is not legal, accounting or tax advice and you are encouraged to seek professional advice from same before entering into any agreements with anybody.

Insurance carriers are often inclined to AGREE TO MEDIATE when “RESERVES” are known to be high.  Via a structured settlement situation, they somehow save money with spending future dollars and not all in one chunk.

A good Structured Settlement negotiator is key, and a good, EXPERIENCED WorkComp MEDIATOR.   There seems to be a whole new venue of “Medicare Set Aside” experts, which the Mediation/Settlement team can probably recommend.  Social Security is a mine-field, so stay alert and be prepared for anything.

Mediation seems to work for unrepresented injured workers, but it’s more work for all parties, and some people won’t do it.

If you have legal representation willing to step aside and let settlement negotiations take place, it can be win/win/win for all parties, and more importantly, can mean freedom and restoration of civil rights for the injured workers.

Some attorneys representing Injured Workers are even known to accept their portion of settlement on a structured basis, as it also has some tax benefits, if I understand it correctly.

Often, the “parties reach agreement, subject to a confidentiality agreement” and the injured worker is spared years of delays, denied medical care and legal anguish.  The carriers often save money, and close the books.  Attorneys get paid, even when they have done little to facilitate resolution and settlement.

So, remembers, it is NOT ARBITRATION.  Mediation takes place outside of WorkComp arena and is approved by a WorkComp Judge upon completion. is a resource that shows how few professionals are involved in WorkComp SOLUTIONS in California.    There are several structured settlement companies that also specialize in WorkComp structured settlements.

If you or your attorney would like the contact information for a couple of professionals, please feel free to let me know.   Using my name may or may not be beneficial.  One California Brain Injury Super Lawyer allegedly told one TBI Survivor “you are very lucky to have Linda as an advocate on your behalf.”   Others have said that I “scare industry people”….

If your attorney says the carrier and defense will not settle, he/she may not have all the information and tools to make that happen.  It can start with a simple call to the defense with a question, “What will it take to settle this case now?”

If your attorney wants some encouragement to explore settlement possibilities, feel free to have him/her contact me.

“Anytime, anywhere any Injured Worker reaches out for help, I want helping hands to be there, and for that, I am responsible.”

Best wishes,
Linda Ayres

wc workcomp 6 1 2017 - 2


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WorkComp! It’s a psychological nightmare for these people– says One Doctor


Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains


#WorkComp – Something is terribly wrong with #WorkersCompensation in #Canada, #UK, #Australia, #USA and elsewhere, isn’t it?

#WorkComp#CivilRights#HumanRights VIOLATIONS

‘WorkComp is code name for the 21st Century “Nouveau Holocaust Centers” ?!?’

“…Dr. Richard Dumais, head of the Dr.-Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital’s pain clinic, says the chronic denial of medical services has become a human rights issue and he’s calling for political action….”


WE, The People know this!

When will American doctors speak up and speak out? 🇺🇸

Too many American doctors just shrug and quietly walk away—-leaving primarily “monsters” to evaluate with intent to deny medical care.😳

As one US doctor once said:
‘If they have human rights complaints, tell them to TAKE IT TO THE HAGUE’

Something is terribly wrong with Workers Compensation, isn’t it?

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Workers’ Compensation is NOT an Employee Benefit. “Bad Actors” are More Than BAD ACTORS….think think think

It’s True: You Really Can Escape the Brutality and Impoverishment of Workers’ Compensation Systems And Here’s How…

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Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

With a new Administration in Washington, D.C., including a new Secretary of the Department of Labor, not only is it imperative that we individually and collectively connect with that department to alert them to the need for transformation in Workers Compensation (an Essay to the DOL Secretary within the first 100 days of the new term would be great!)—- It would also be great if a few more than the Top 25 Propagandists for the Industry begin to shout about WorkComp Transformation and Solutions!

How about: The Top 25 Ways to Spot and Deter Medical-Legal Fraud in Your State?  If you experience something, document it and report it!  

Some industry ‘experts’ suggest that the new administration will look the other way, hands-off, State sanctioned corruption and WorkComp abuses.  WE THINK NOT!

Now is the time for all people who work to learn to blog, and TWEET TWEET TWEET like…

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ProPublica USA WorkComp Update: U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

by Michael Grabell ProPublica, Oct. 5, 2016, 6:01 a.m.

A U.S. Department of Labor report released today details the bleak fate facing the nation’s injured workers, noting that those hurt on the job are at “great risk of falling into poverty” because state workers’ compensation systems are failing to provide them with adequate benefits.

The report lays the groundwork for renewed federal oversight of state workers’ comp programs, providing a detailed history of the government’s past efforts to step in when states fell short. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said in a statement Tuesday night that he was drafting legislation “to address many of the troubling findings laid out in this report” and hoped to advance it in the next Congress.

The 43-page report was prompted by a letter last fall from 10 prominent lawmakers, including Brown, urging more action to protect injured workers following a ProPublica and NPR series on workers’ comp. The stories found that since 2003, more than 30 states had changed their laws, causing some workers to lose their homes, or be denied surgeries or prosthetic devices their doctors recommended.

The Labor Department’s conclusions echo ProPublica and NPR’s findings that states have decreased benefits, created hurdles to medical care, raised the burden of proof to qualify for help and shifted costs to public programs, such as Social Security Disability Insurance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the Labor Department, made similar findings last year. But Wednesday’s report underscores the prominence of the issue, as departmental investigations are typically reserved for White House priorities, such as increasing the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid family leave.

The report provides a roadmap of potential actions, but stops short of new policy recommendations in what appears to be a tacit nod to the fact that President Obama’s term is waning and substantial changes must wait for another administration. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who was shortlisted as a potential vice presidential candidate, is expected to hold a top job if Hillary Clinton wins the election next month.

“With this report, we’re sounding an alarm bell,” Perez said in an interview Tuesday. “A critical part of the safety net is being both attacked and eroded in no small measure because there are no federal minimum standards for workers’ compensation.”

“I hope that Congress will step up,” he added. “We have to fix this system.”

Workers’ comp dates back more than century, with each state having its own system of benefits, insurance rules and courts. Typically, when a worker is injured, employers pay their medical bills, a portion of their lost wages and compensation for any permanent disabilities. In exchange for prompt and certain benefits, workers are barred from suing their employers.

But as ProPublica and NPR found, the benefits can vary drastically, with compensation for an amputated arm ranging from $45,000 to $740,000, even in neighboring states.

The Labor Department report details how states have changed their laws largely in an effort to reduce business costs as they compete for new corporate headquarters, factories and warehouses 2014 a trend the report calls a “race to the bottom.”

It calls for policymakers to explore how to prevent the costs of workplace injuries and illnesses from being transferred to public programs, how to increase the sharing of injury data between insurers and public health researchers, and how to develop programs that help disabled workers return to the job.

Most significantly, it floats the idea of increasing federal oversight of state workers’ comp programs, which could include the appointment of a national commission, federal tracking of state laws and the establishment of minimum standards and penalties if states fail to meet them.

A presidential commission in 1972 came up with 19 guidelines for states to improve their workers’ comp systems and recommended that Congress mandate them if states didn’t act. Many states did, but as political winds shifted in the early 1980s, the threat of federal intervention passed.

The suggestion of increased federal involvement has set off alarm bells in the insurance and employer communities.

“Federal requirements imposed on a national basis would be inconsistent with the state workers’ compensation system, which has been in place for more than 100 years without federal oversight,” wrote Douglas Holmes in a recent blog post. Holmes is president of UWC, a business lobby group focused on unemployment and workers’ comp.

But in its report, the Labor Department notes that as far back as 1939, the agency considered setting guiding principles for workers’ comp as part of its mission. President Harry Truman spoke of promoting standards for state programs while President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s labor secretary sponsored the drafting of model workers’ comp laws.

Such involvement continued through the Ford and Carter administrations but was curtailed during the Reagan era. The Labor Department continued to track states’ compliance with the 1972 commission guidelines until 2004, when budget cuts ended the program.

Courts and lawmakers in several states have moved to restore workers’ comp protections since the ProPublica and NPR series published in 2015. Top courts in Florida and Oklahoma have overturned a number of business-friendly reforms highlighted in the series, including a two-year cap on wage benefits and a provision that allowed Oklahoma businesses to opt out of workers’ comp and write their own plans to care for injured employees. This summer, New Mexico’s Supreme Court granted farmworkers the right to workers’ comp for the first time in 100 years.

In California, the governor last week signed a bill that will reduce the roadblocks for workers to get medical care. And the state’s workers’ comp bureau is in the final stages of writing a new regulation that would allow more severely injured workers to qualify for home health care.

Last year, ProPublica profiled workers who had their home health aides taken away after a new law allowed insurance companies to reevaluate cases based on a more restrictive regulation.

ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for their newsletter.


REBLOG IT!   Remember remember:  “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotect in the War On Workers.”  Tell your friends and neighbors; Congress already knows!

Read the October 20, 2015 letter from federal lawmakers to dol here.


“Why is it that nobody gives a damn in this industry about big money fraud?”- David DePaolo


WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW   #DodgeTheRads – Be ITK about Your Radiation This Week

Open Letter Sedgwick Institute – LinkedIn Group Attention: to Jonathan Mast

Hi Jonathan Mast:
This was going to be a ‘private message’ but I see that Chris Mandel, Director at the Sedgwick Institute has just posted a request with the topic, “The National Conversation on WC”  and that  “….What do you think? Is the system broken or in need of major repair? Your thoughts on specifically how the SI might play in this important dialogue, is welcome.”. .
I will therefore make this an open message to you and the group, including Chris Mandel.  I am very intuitive and I have a sense of who has had his ear today, so without further ado, here’s what I wrote to you this morning, and that I joyfully share with the entire group, for what it’s worth.   By Monday, I will take another swing at the concepts here, and in the earlier blogs, and do my best to compartmentalize the issues and potential actions.
I am sooooo excited about the potentials of the Sedgwick Institute LinkedIn group!   That sort of open forum is EXACTLY what is needed, and I applaud the effort.  Thank you again!  How can we facilitate more input from Injured Workers to save more lives?   I have some ideas.   Here are a few, for what it’s worth.
Read at your leisure; respond if you are so inclined.
Best regards,
I have blogged and posted  about your new group extensively, encouraging people to request to join, and I have just gone thru my A-list on LinkedIn and extended direct  invitations.  I hope they join.  They are professionals I have met along the way, and good thinkers, and far more ‘politcally correct’ that I could ever be.
I would like to invite, once the group is larger and more established, Dr. Bennett Omalu, of Concussion / NFL fame.  Such an invitation to your group might best come from you directly.   Let’s put that on the agenda?
Across the boards, Brain Injury is exacerbated by current WorkComp practices, and with some immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care, many such injured parties could likely return to work in the first year…. but as it stands, too many end up permanently and totally disabled.  The same seems to hold true for back injuries.  A study of OUTCOMES of similar injuries in and out of the industry must become a key study area for the actual “Sedgwick Institute” — imho.  
With new energy, the conversations about Workers Compensation and Injured Workers may become more relevant.  Without it, it will just be more singing to the choir by the usual crowds.  Without new conversations, shareholders WILL be adversely impacted.  “No lie lasts forever.”
Will you be creating a similar group on Facebook?   There is a very loud and very angry crowd over there, with some very legitimate reasons for outrage.  If you are open to creating, as mentioned in one of my posts, a ‘Si Venting Room’ as a step from the actual ‘virtual conference room’ …. I believe that Injured Workers can do a ‘brain dump’ and ‘just the facts’ can then be presented for further discussion.
Here’s a thought:  If your group ‘admin’ team might be willing, they could help make Injured Worker rants/complaints/stories more concise, and relevant to the Sedgwick Institute aims IF THEY COULD OFFER, OR FACILITATE, ‘editing’ support…. core issues could be clearly identified, and once a problem is identified, it’s on the road to transformation.    You could send me a short note, thanking me for my interest and enthusiasm, and advise that you will or will not be creating a Facebook Sedgwick Institute group, and indicate that SI IS very open to hearing from Injured Workers — impacted by Sedgwick and others — and if the issues are kept ‘anonymous’ they can be clearly discussed for the common good.
You can mention that even investigative reporters have commented on how Injured Workers go on and on and on from this to that, so you could offer a joint venture type event — even with help from your training department…..  Invite Injured Workers to tell their stories, unbridled, and let some of your adjusters in training or other appropriate staff do a summary for discussion?   That could be win/win/win…. and long and short versions could be shared…. and just maybe, some THOUGHT LEADERS may have a Flash of Genius in each matter.
If I can help you further in your social media efforts, I WILL HELP.   If you will create some intense surveys, more will be revealed.  To focus solely on the OPIUM traffic could derail your entire group.  Any ‘blame the victims/injured workers’ sentiments could do like wise. If the intent is an honest platform, there’s lots more ahead!
It is my intention to ensure that the decision making arm of Sedgwick Institute gets some real facts from the ‘battle fields’ in hopes they will incite compassion, medical care, disability benefits and settlements for the most egregiously harmed.
I am compiling some of the ‘stories’ I have received, and the Injured Workers want anonymity, so that means the carriers and their employers get the same courtesy.   I will share it in the group as soon as it is done, in hopes that more issues can be identified and perhaps some of the ‘thought leaders’ will roll up their sleeves and dish out some solution oriented dialogue.
If you have any suggestions for me in how I can better present the Injured Worker perspective, please feel free to share.  Here is the questionnaire I have used… and it could be further developed, without question.  I do my best.  
A similar questionnaire could be developed to reach the attorneys, doctors, providers, employers etc.   The California Attorney Applicant Association is doing a little survey about the ‘broken work comp system’ that is, in my opinion, entirely too weak.   Such organizations absolutely need training in negotiatons, mediations and structured settlements.
Kimberly George and I were to have a phone talk a few years ago, but it never happened.  The phone is not easy for me, post injury, but if you would like to chat, my cell is 760 368 5243.
In any event, I wish you and yours new insights so that you can make amends to the Injured Worker populations and lead the way for others to do the same.
According to David DePaolo’s blogs, Dave North is not a bad guy, and in fact, he seems to be a real people person at the conferences, etc.  I sent him a connection request this morning.  You might want to be able to let him know that we have made contact and while I may be somewhat of a ‘loose cannon’ … my heart is in the right place — to help save lives of Injured Workers.
WorkComp destroyed my faith in the American judicial systems, so relying on business expertise and experience, I KNOW that lives can be saved and your industry can be revamped without harming as it does.  Teams of Mediators and Structured Settlement people could turn the tide.    It just needs some communications, willl to good and some hard core facts.  

From an Injured Worker’s Perspective – Deploy Mediation and Structured Settlement Teams to reach resolutions

So, Good Day to you, and let’s see if we can call a truce in the War On Workers, and begin restorations.
Thank you for your consideration and time.
Best regards,
Sedgwick Institute   FB post  4 27 2016


WorkComp Survival and Virtual Combat Strategies-

Why Are They Necessary?

Ask Any POW for military instructions for Prisoners of War!  Share with Civilians to the best of your knowledge!

“Start REAL conversations about the awful truths about

America’s WorkComp & Radiation This Week –

New blogs and websites under construction….”



While not all workplace injuries are totally debilitating, creating ‘swaths’ of Injured and Disabled citizens, with costs shifted to Social Welfare and Social Security systems, the majority of WorkPlace injuries CREATE MILLIONS OF PERMANENTLY AND SEVERELY INJURED AND DISABLED CITIZENS.

Many are left jobless, homeless, further injured by lack of competent medical care for years, medical-butchery and poisoning and addictions induced by the few remaining ‘doctors’ in the system, for profit in direct violations of oaths to ‘do no harm.’

These individuals and corporations are apparently leased/owned by some of the extremely profitable insurance industries.

The incompetencies of the doctors on the dole are shocking, and would require revocation of licenses to practice medicine, were it not for their protections under the Workers Compensation banners, which strip citizens in America of civil and human rights, without a blink by legislators.  FOLLOW THAT MONEY TRAIL.

The incompetence of the vast majority of attorneys who seem helpless and hopeless to protect injured workers adds to the problems.  A work-comp legal-mill seems to be a ‘front-door operation’ for 21st Century Sonderkommandos.  Alleging to represent injured workers while failing to actually do so is…reprehensible in a civilized society.


It is a small group of influencers molding and shaping a skewed public opinion on WorkComp.

The influencers make a healthy living, so it seems, spewing their views, that clearly protect perpetrators of harm and “Angels of Death.”

It must certainly be difficult for influencers to grasp the horrors perpetuated by the system, of which they are a part. The money trail calls it what it is.  Calling the pleas for help of Injured Workers around the globe “hyperbole” may comfort them only so long.

The current movement toward a secret tribunal of industry experts to attempt to mitigate the exposure facilitated by the 2015 series, From Insult to Injury – America’s Vanishing Worker Protections about THE DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION, is frightening indeed.

Rather than open up a true national discussion, “they” (those who profit most by the WorkComp system—AS IT IS!)  seem to be organizing the ‘group of usual suspects’ that may include an unknown injured worker or two.

Perhaps that ‘special tribunal’ will develop a legitimate list of questions and concerns and poll the community at large, including injured workers, current providers, and those who have left the industry–without fear or caution.

Perhaps ProPublica and NPR and can be the collectors of such data.  We know what ‘the industry’ can do with data to make it look like the horrors are ‘exceptions’ and lessons have beeen learned from the most vile and vicious cases!

In California, the attorneys association allegedly representing and protecting injured workers has just released a little poll that may or may not reach injured workers, and may serve to ‘absolve’ the association’s members of culpability in the failures to protect injured workers for ‘more than 50 years.’



The pattern is often sheer relief when Injured Workers realize they are not alone, they are believed, and that they must be proactive, if they are to survive the Workers Compensation system, as practiced today in America, Canada, UK, Australia, and anywhere it’s tentacles reach and destroy.

Too many confine their writings to ‘singing to the choir’ efforts on social media! THIS MUST CHANGE, AND IT MUST CHANGE NOW.

Then, they often slip back into the abyss of Learned Helplessness and disbelief of the actual atrocities that are ahead for all but the least injured workers.

As a first-aid resource, WorkComp may be a viable solution.  As a means to ensure medical care for serious injuries, WorkComp is more like “Larkspur” and staffed by Joseph Mengele-type practioners, and should be subject to 21st Century Doctor’s Trials.  The collusion appears to be so deep, that’s unlikely to happen in our lifetimes.



Providing opportunities for the perps-in-suits to mend their ways, right their wrongs, and cease and desist maiming and torturing and abusing injured and disabled workers once their profitability to the work-comp money laundering schemes are exhausted would be one desirable outcome.

Overcoming learned helpless is key……some still believe “if only they do this or that” medical care will happen and they will be ok.  Influencers, in Pollyanna-ish style, seem to perpetuate that fiction as well.  The system is NOT BROKEN.  Check the bottom line profits.   If it was “broken” there would a race to fix it!  There is no such thing, just endless chit chat conferences, studies, skewing of stats and more conferences!

It is nearly impossible for most injured workers to do the math, until it is too late.

When doctors are rewarded with thousands of dollars for signing fraudulent medical reports, often written/copy-pasted,  by their non-medical staff charged with  simply regurgitations of previous ‘medical evaluations’ written to deny medical care, it’s hard for most reasonable, thinking people to see that a regular expenditure of $3-7,000 for ‘inaccurate reports’ (with elements of plausible deniability!) is a bad thing, and not a legit “medical expense” and is by no means a form of “medical care.”

When doctors are rewarded for botched surgeries, and repeat attempts to correct earlier attempts of their own, or another doctor-on-the take, must be investigated further by proper law enforcement agencies.  Red-Bull slugging surgeons banking on repeat surgeries should be a concern to all working people.

You never know when you might find yourself under their care!  A tiny gang of crooked surgeons was apparently recently indicted in California– tip of the iceberg.  The non-English speaking working class is severely at risk and quite defenseless, too!

Study of Defense Against The Psychopaths is imperative for all injured workers and those who care about them. Injured workers must do a  ‘brain dump’ of their story, in writing, then get it down to not more than 3 pages, and get to JUST THE FACTS, JACK AND JILL!

Experts are known to consistently give this piece of advice, off the record:

“Get out of the system by any means necessary to save your life, now!”

Any injured worker will advise that is EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

Next recommendations include a blog and social media presence…with an abrupt reminder that “a $100k fine for a wrongful death is more attractive than paying a $300k or more medical bill to an insurance carrier” and that  $100k is apparently the maximum fine risk, thanks to California and Romano Trust vs. Kroeger / Sedgwick.

Sedgwick appears to have launched a “lessons learned” institute.  Let’s wait and see if it’s pure propaganda, or legitimate clean up efforts?

This writer knows a ‘swath’ of Injured Workers desperately losing the fight for life with that and other carriers!

In  my conversations with injured workers, we also discuss resources and I invite them to keep me posted.

The longest part is hearing their tales and I gently concur and remind that it is standard, not usual, everybody knows….so the time to act is now.

They express appreciation for my blogs and my sheer audacity and courage.

They must become their own heros….nobody is coming to rescue any injured workers after all the profits have been wrung out of them…

That’s some of what the online course will include, for starters….

Communicating with Injured Workers is like corresponding with Convicts….prisoners of war….. the War On Workers!  There are other similarities between WorkComp and America’s For-Profit Prison systems.

Many are afraid to speak, and even their attorneys seem to want them off social media.


I always tell them the first step is #Blog4TheCure. If they won’t blog, they are “short”…..real short.


Leave your insights or comments, or send them directly, with anonymity, if you desire, directly to



“Start REAL conversations about the awful truths about

America’s WorkComp & Radiation This Week –

New blogs and websites under construction….


#DodgeRadsNow  #DodgeRadSnow


Radiation Poisoning Compromises Immune Systems!  #DodgeTheRads

#OccupyVirtually because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW