When COACHING Looks Like Scamming – #StayAlert #FightBack – TELL OTHERS!

MyWorkCompCoach.com came about as an effort to change from a combative communcation mode in regards to what had been learned about the Workers Compensation system in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK to a more amicable, visionary mode.

A medical professional suggested that I attempt to “Coach” other injured workers who had zero to little success in finding legal representation, securing medical care, dealing with WorkComp bureaucracies toward return to work and settlement and even fighting with Social Security administration, where costs are often shifted to by ‘the industry’ goon squads.

“Get out of work comp by any means necessary.  It will kill you.”

This is what some professionals advise their friends who get hurt at work.

DePaolo even wrote an article on whether or not he should report a back injury as a workcomp claim, as he was both the owner/CEO and employee.  He opined that staying outside of the system, using his regular health insurance, would most likely have faster and more positive outcome. Not long after that, he lost his life in a suspicious motorcycle accident.

David had wanted me to help the industry mouth-piece from Australia who opposes legislative change and accountability and promotes giving bags of surplus food to the poor injured workers denied benefits.

I thanked David for thinking of me, but assured him I had no interest in such a project, and that I was in favor of civil rights and human rights, not hand-outs. She was booed off the stage at a 2015 or 2016 CompLaude event; I can understand why.  She attacked me, too and denies the Aussie problems, just like that nuclear mouth-piece from down under. Aussie’s share how the industry provokes ‘suicides’ of their injured workers to save money and increase profits.  It happens in the US more often than any humans would like to believe, but it is one of the #Taboo topics.

That doctor who encouraged the creation of this blog suggested that very few people with serious injuries can get out of #WorkComp, and that perhaps I could share successful strategies that included a fierce social media strategy, a growing email list, and a blog and a video channel.

During  that transition time from the content of ASK ABOUT WORKERS COMPENSATION GRAVY TRAINS, some industry hot shots decided to take some hard core pot shots at me, and some vile disparaging attacks – publicly – on their various blogs.

I, of course, fought back (and won! :D) but it was brutal and disheartening but good for blog views. [The doc laughed at some of the diatribes!]

Prior to that time, I had been one of the four first “Injured Workers” “honored” in the 2014 CompLaude Awards.

David DePaolo had been very kind to me during my combat time within Workers Compensation, and he was also aghast that his colleagues could not/would not help me.

First he told me nobody would help me because ‘there’s no money in it’ [uncontested brain injury – d’oh] then he told me that ‘nobody will help you because you are too angry.’

I acknowledged how awful it must be to have to recognize that one’s peers are heartless sob’s, who would rather see an Injured Worker dead than helped if there insufficient profit margin, or too much work.  Here’s an excerpt from one of David’s articles.


Work Comp and Baseball

And then of course there’s the injured worker.

More often than not, of course, the injured worker gets taken care of. Yes, there are way too many cases that are wrongfully denied, where treatment is inexcusably delayed, where benefits should be provided but aren’t – but most of the time, likely far more than 80% of the time, a claim moves relatively smoothly through the process.

There are, however, claims that are difficult from the very outset. Sometimes we hear about them but most of the time we don’t.

The ones that we do hear about get dismissed from our conscience too easily because the melodrama in their vocalization of what’s wrong gets drowned by our own jaded pessimism.

These cases, though, are real. There are real people behind these cases. People get hurt. People get toyed with. People don’t get what is needed, what is promised in the Grand Bargain, and set aside as disturbed and having unrealistic expectations.

Some contact me because of this blog, seeking answers, help and remedies.

I have met some – like Linda Ayers. I won’t get into Linda’s case here – that’s not the point.

Linda is vocal, like a few other injured workers. She has a blog, she is active in social media, she posts comments to this blog.

And she probably drives the defense crazy as she is prolifically passionate about making sure the system works for her and for other injured workers.

It’s easy to dismiss Linda’s activities as the rantings of an unstable person, but she is not an unstable person. She is a person who’s case spiraled out of control from the beginning, and we know that the early stages of a claim are the most critical.


When I told David I was going to ‘mediation’ with no lawyer, no files, no records, just an open heart and mind, he said I was crazy and could not do that.  (He had also written kindly about me that I was ‘not crazy’ but ‘passionate about civil rights and rights of injured workers.)

David lost his life in a freak incident shortly after his last blog — and nobody will ever convince me it was an accident.  David was not afraid to speak out about corruption.  Nobody has filled his shoes, but they have destroyed his legacy.


I’ll take it again an report back once I get through the whole course.  It includes an “affiliate program” and Dr. Graves suggests gifting the course to people who need it and can’t afford it, and who can’t afford a lawyer.

Check it out….   WIN WITHOUT LAWYERS  — [Note, Disclaimer: If you buy it from my ‘affiliate link’ I’ll get a few bucks to pay for some one one one tutoring and other battle matters. I have not completed the course, but I’ve already learned a great deal. It’s very good!]  It’s a simple course, but not easy.   I truly wish I had found it decades ago.  I can hardly wait to finish the first round….

Over the battlefield, there were fake injured workers, clearly Industry Trolls, who joined in the social media attacks and stalked me on social media and infiltrated my groups.

They wanted Injured Workers to stay in misery and find no way out.

They even suggested that my recommendations for MEDIATION WITH INTENTION TO SETTLE, WITH STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT & Medicare SetAside experts– across America — was a ploy to make money.   Stupid idiots, allegedly in the ‘system’ more than 20 years, on the take, and on the dope.  Real Opiate casualties and worse.

In my efforts to help ‘coach’ injured workers, I have tried to provide thought provoking blogs and resources. At one point, I offered to publish a book of their stories, rendered anonymous, and collected about 20 of them.  Then one stupid injured worker, who allegedly ran for ‘insurance commissioner’ and her band of trolls threatened to sue me.  Ha!  Idiot didn’t know that it’s often more costly to publish a book than to profit by it.  I offered to do it with Love and my money.  After the abuse and threats, I better understood why NOBODY WANTS TO HELP INJURED WORKERS. It’s easier to dope them up and render them stupid as cash-cows.

I moved away from the efforts but still respond when Injured Workers from around the nation reach out.  Most are looking for a magic wand, that does not exist.

I have accepted countless emails and lengthy phone calls, usually thanklessly and often with threats.  One injured worker, after months of attempting to get her legit legal representation, was accepted by one of the few top brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles.  Her kids  threatened me and talked her out of using one of the best of the best lawyers California had to offer in such catastrophic cases.  I don’t know that she survived; I blocked them all upon receipt of the threat.

One injured worker was compelled to attempt suicide repeatedly due, in part, to denied medical care and horrific defense attorneys (who even complained to a Judge about lil’ ol’ me) .

When I talked with the doctor who recommended I start the MY WORK COMP COACH blog, and I told him, “Damn, this is hard.  I am not qualified to deal with suicidal, drugged people and even the kids called me and asked what to do since ‘Mom isn’t moving and we had to go to school.’   What can you do?”


I will never forget his response.  He said, “WHO DO THINK YOU ARE, SISTER TERESA!?”  He muttered something I couldn’t hear about getting in a bingo group with old disabled folks.   LONG TIME WORK COMP DOC……  connect those dots, huh?

The shock on my face at his abuse must have shocked him back about his DO NO HARM oath.   The session was terminated and he sort of apologized.   I went to my car, in tears, and called a friend and said, “MOFO! I think I was just abused by the f—-king shrink!”  My friend said, “Indeed you were.”

Over the years I have encouraged Injured Workers to step outside of the hundreds of facebook little ghettos, pockets of victims of WorkComp, and I have encouraged them to create a blog and be active on social media, with an aim to GET OUT OF WORK COMP BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

I knew of maybe 3 blogs by Injured Workers; The WorkComp propaganda machinery has only about 25 —SO 25 GOONS KEEP THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BAMBOOZLED with PROPAGANDA ABOUT THE HORRORS — EXTERMINATION LEVEL HORRORS – of America’s Workers Comp system.  HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

They party like there’s no tomorrow, and to hell with injured dying workers.

Do you remember:  DEMOLITION OF WORKERS COMPENSATION: From Insult to Injury  [the 2015 investigative reporting, that even included a letter from Congress to then Department of Labor Secretary (now a hot shot in the national demon party).

At least the Canadians organize and speak out, for what it’s worth.

This year I learned that Home Owners Insurance PLAY BOOK is quite similar to WORKERS COMPENSATION Insurance playbook.

Change ‘dirty doctors’ to ‘dirty contractors’ and you know what happens next.  In my 2019 fight, a $10,000 simple roof claim has escalated to over $85,000.

I just got an estimate for $9,500 to mitigate the unmitigated water damage from February.

How’s that going to work out?

Then, in efforts to stay involved in life, on life’s terms, I decided to try another time to hire a ‘publishing consultant or coach’… and some of you on LinkedIn and Twitter already know how that’s working out….

Long story short, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIRE FOR CONSULTING…. I JUST LOST $397 BY AN APPARENT REAL CON ARTIST, AND BECAUSE I CHECKED THE WRONG BOX ON PAY PAL, disputing that product was not as described (I should have ticked the box, PRODUCT NOT DELIVERED) I’m having a heck of time getting a refund – I paid for 2 separate ‘coaching’ calls, 3 download pdf’s, and a 10-hour package of 1/2 hour consulting calls.

She reminded me of why they are called “con artists”… Anyway, pay pal won’t give me back the money, nor will the vendor, nor will she deliver the 10 hours package, and she and her assistant smugly think they got away with it. *

If I didn’t know better, I would suspect she’s just a #ProNuker troll,  #JustFollowing orders.  She’s probably just a common con. She seemed so nice and knowledgeable. #Next!

Awwwww, folks should always do their homework if they’re going to screw someone out of money.  The internet truly levels the battlefield, doesn’t it?  My money is gone, she even falsely tried to convince LinkedIn connections that I endorsed her product — AND I WOULD NEVER KNOWINGLY ENDORSE A CROOK OR ANYBODY SUSPECTED OF BEING A CROOK.   So, we’ll see how that plays out.

As Einstein or some smart guy once said, ‘Those who have the privilege to know have the DUTY TO ACT.”

Let it be known that I have never, will never, and DO NOT ENDORSE Deborah S. Nelson, or any of her various entities regarding #bookcoaching, nor do I believe a word of her ‘HELP ME, I’M DYING’  April 2019 GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN.

#BadJoke  Be careful of #online scammers and other unscrupulous characters. She also apparently has the #MeToo complex…. I told her I got a brain injury at work long ago, and she said, “I got one too”   — She’s an expat who apparently preys on people who want to publish books, and her tech know how is also super yesterday.

She caused a delay in time, focus and money that keeps you from reading two excellent pieces on Fukushima and GI Brains. Karma will tend to her.  I’ll do what I can to get a landing page out there so you can sign up for early notice of when the books are done.

(If you saw what she did with a perfectly fine ebook cover, you would spit, too.  The ‘replacement’ draft recommended mis-spelled INTERVIEW and FUKUSHIMA….. and looked like a child did the graphics, and left out 1/2 of the bio images, and had odd line breaks of an incomplete bio. )


There are some GREAT CONSULTANTS AND ‘coaches’ out there… be discerning when find them, and expose to expunge when you find the fakers — just share your experience…. and that should suffice. We’ll make and share a list of some legit coaches and programs to check out. It’s not rocket science; it’s just particularly challenging for a concussion-ist, as it deals with timing, sequence, and structures.

#DodgeRads #OccupyVirtually


Other reading, viewing and resources


#BookCoach LinkedIn commentaries:

*Here’s a story about Con Artists — we’ve all met one at some point in life, haven’t we.  Mitigate! Expose.

My Best Friend Was A Con Artist Who Scammed Me Out Of $92,000. Here’s How I Got Justice.



TAKE THE QUIZ:    How to Win in Court Without a Lawyer

Click to access letter-from-federal-lawmakers-to-labor-on.pdf



Vlogs – Injured Workers and Others


Hey, I promised a few people I would start an Injured Worker video channel…

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY!  See the poll then ponder, Is it ok for them to shrug and say, “Dunno.  Not my area of expertise.’


We’ll seek out some expert opinions and report back in early 2019.

Hey, I promised a few people I would start an Injured Worker video channel…. looks like I already did… on February 22, 2015 – that was a very rough year.

Here it is set to the song:  AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

Is Social Security Broken like Workers Compensation? Why do Injured Workers care?


MyWorkCompCoach – Hurt at Work? We Believe the Injured Workers – Do you?

Anyhow, I’ve recently taken an online challenge 10-Day YouTube Makeover Challenge and I will see what I can do about applying some of those strategies and principles here in the new year.

The next VIDEO CHALLENGE with Lou Bortone starts on January 7, 2019….. about how to produce great video content easily and quickly….. you might check it out, too.   

[If you are on a ‘WorkComp Rest and Wait and Wait while they hope you die.’ program …this could be THE SKILL OF THE YEAR to master, right next to other Virtual Combat Skills and the imperative skill to #DodgeTheRads and  imho!  See also Udemy.com for other skill mastery.  LEARNED HELPLESSNESS IS NOT HELPFUL.  LEARN NEW SKILLS – VIRTUAL COMBAT SKILLS.  BE YOUR OWN HERO]



This video page, from AAWCGT, includes some excellent and informative videos.  Watch, Learn and Share.

If YOU have a video channel, leave a comment here or on one of the posts in the YouTube channel, WorkComp Linda

>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbNZP5vqiB7eYKiaBHHecNA/ <<

There are 3 videos up now…. with a reference also to the NAIDW – National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers channel….

See you over on LinkedIn, too… there are some wild discussions that happen there….

Happy New Year! Continue to #DodgeTheRads, because #WeAreTheMediaNow …

If you’re housebound due to your injuries and the system, count your blessings…. makes dodging the rads a little easier…. Subscribe also to MyWorkCompCoach.com — it will get a least a blog a month starting in the new year. Lots of drafts already in the works.



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Here is a communication shared with a few injured workers and medical care providers who have been battling the system for years.  It was written so that it could just be given to the attorney, if warranted.  Maybe it will help you also?  
Please let me know if it brings other questions to your mind, and we’ll see about answering them in another blog, in a general way, so others may also be helped.   Or, we can find some experts to address the issues in greater detail.

These are some rough thoughts on how mediation with a structured settlement team and Medicare Set Aside Expert can help move a WorkComp case to Settlement, freeing up an Injured Worker to get medical care. It is really quite simple and effective.

The drawing attached is a “mind-map” created as a draft and talking points for the blog.

mind map structured settlement out

DISCLAIMER:  This is not legal, accounting or tax advice and you are encouraged to seek professional advice from same before entering into any agreements with anybody.

Insurance carriers are often inclined to AGREE TO MEDIATE when “RESERVES” are known to be high.  Via a structured settlement situation, they somehow save money with spending future dollars and not all in one chunk.

A good Structured Settlement negotiator is key, and a good, EXPERIENCED WorkComp MEDIATOR.   There seems to be a whole new venue of “Medicare Set Aside” experts, which the Mediation/Settlement team can probably recommend.  Social Security is a mine-field, so stay alert and be prepared for anything.

Mediation seems to work for unrepresented injured workers, but it’s more work for all parties, and some people won’t do it.

If you have legal representation willing to step aside and let settlement negotiations take place, it can be win/win/win for all parties, and more importantly, can mean freedom and restoration of civil rights for the injured workers.

Some attorneys representing Injured Workers are even known to accept their portion of settlement on a structured basis, as it also has some tax benefits, if I understand it correctly.

Often, the “parties reach agreement, subject to a confidentiality agreement” and the injured worker is spared years of delays, denied medical care and legal anguish.  The carriers often save money, and close the books.  Attorneys get paid, even when they have done little to facilitate resolution and settlement.

So, remembers, it is NOT ARBITRATION.  Mediation takes place outside of WorkComp arena and is approved by a WorkComp Judge upon completion.

Mediate.com is a resource that shows how few professionals are involved in WorkComp SOLUTIONS in California.    There are several structured settlement companies that also specialize in WorkComp structured settlements.

If you or your attorney would like the contact information for a couple of professionals, please feel free to let me know.   Using my name may or may not be beneficial.  One California Brain Injury Super Lawyer allegedly told one TBI Survivor “you are very lucky to have Linda as an advocate on your behalf.”   Others have said that I “scare industry people”….

If your attorney says the carrier and defense will not settle, he/she may not have all the information and tools to make that happen.  It can start with a simple call to the defense with a question, “What will it take to settle this case now?”

If your attorney wants some encouragement to explore settlement possibilities, feel free to have him/her contact me.

“Anytime, anywhere any Injured Worker reaches out for help, I want helping hands to be there, and for that, I am responsible.”

Best wishes,
Linda Ayres


wc workcomp 6 1 2017 - 2


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WorkComp! It’s a psychological nightmare for these people– says One Doctor


Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains


#WorkComp – Something is terribly wrong with #WorkersCompensation in #Canada, #UK, #Australia, #USA and elsewhere, isn’t it?

#WorkComp#CivilRights#HumanRights VIOLATIONS

‘WorkComp is code name for the 21st Century “Nouveau Holocaust Centers” ?!?’

“…Dr. Richard Dumais, head of the Dr.-Georges-L-Dumont University Hospital’s pain clinic, says the chronic denial of medical services has become a human rights issue and he’s calling for political action….”


WE, The People know this!

When will American doctors speak up and speak out? 🇺🇸

Too many American doctors just shrug and quietly walk away—-leaving primarily “monsters” to evaluate with intent to deny medical care.😳

As one US doctor once said:
‘If they have human rights complaints, tell them to TAKE IT TO THE HAGUE’

Something is terribly wrong with Workers Compensation, isn’t it?

View original post 271 more words

ProPublica USA WorkComp Update: U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

U.S. Labor Department: States Are Failing Injured Workers

by Michael Grabell ProPublica, Oct. 5, 2016, 6:01 a.m.

A U.S. Department of Labor report released today details the bleak fate facing the nation’s injured workers, noting that those hurt on the job are at “great risk of falling into poverty” because state workers’ compensation systems are failing to provide them with adequate benefits.

The report lays the groundwork for renewed federal oversight of state workers’ comp programs, providing a detailed history of the government’s past efforts to step in when states fell short. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said in a statement Tuesday night that he was drafting legislation “to address many of the troubling findings laid out in this report” and hoped to advance it in the next Congress.

The 43-page report was prompted by a letter last fall from 10 prominent lawmakers, including Brown, urging more action to protect injured workers following a ProPublica and NPR series on workers’ comp. The stories found that since 2003, more than 30 states had changed their laws, causing some workers to lose their homes, or be denied surgeries or prosthetic devices their doctors recommended.

The Labor Department’s conclusions echo ProPublica and NPR’s findings that states have decreased benefits, created hurdles to medical care, raised the burden of proof to qualify for help and shifted costs to public programs, such as Social Security Disability Insurance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the Labor Department, made similar findings last year. But Wednesday’s report underscores the prominence of the issue, as departmental investigations are typically reserved for White House priorities, such as increasing the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid family leave.

The report provides a roadmap of potential actions, but stops short of new policy recommendations in what appears to be a tacit nod to the fact that President Obama’s term is waning and substantial changes must wait for another administration. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who was shortlisted as a potential vice presidential candidate, is expected to hold a top job if Hillary Clinton wins the election next month.

“With this report, we’re sounding an alarm bell,” Perez said in an interview Tuesday. “A critical part of the safety net is being both attacked and eroded in no small measure because there are no federal minimum standards for workers’ compensation.”

“I hope that Congress will step up,” he added. “We have to fix this system.”

Workers’ comp dates back more than century, with each state having its own system of benefits, insurance rules and courts. Typically, when a worker is injured, employers pay their medical bills, a portion of their lost wages and compensation for any permanent disabilities. In exchange for prompt and certain benefits, workers are barred from suing their employers.

But as ProPublica and NPR found, the benefits can vary drastically, with compensation for an amputated arm ranging from $45,000 to $740,000, even in neighboring states.

The Labor Department report details how states have changed their laws largely in an effort to reduce business costs as they compete for new corporate headquarters, factories and warehouses 2014 a trend the report calls a “race to the bottom.”

It calls for policymakers to explore how to prevent the costs of workplace injuries and illnesses from being transferred to public programs, how to increase the sharing of injury data between insurers and public health researchers, and how to develop programs that help disabled workers return to the job.

Most significantly, it floats the idea of increasing federal oversight of state workers’ comp programs, which could include the appointment of a national commission, federal tracking of state laws and the establishment of minimum standards and penalties if states fail to meet them.

A presidential commission in 1972 came up with 19 guidelines for states to improve their workers’ comp systems and recommended that Congress mandate them if states didn’t act. Many states did, but as political winds shifted in the early 1980s, the threat of federal intervention passed.

The suggestion of increased federal involvement has set off alarm bells in the insurance and employer communities.

“Federal requirements imposed on a national basis would be inconsistent with the state workers’ compensation system, which has been in place for more than 100 years without federal oversight,” wrote Douglas Holmes in a recent blog post. Holmes is president of UWC, a business lobby group focused on unemployment and workers’ comp.

But in its report, the Labor Department notes that as far back as 1939, the agency considered setting guiding principles for workers’ comp as part of its mission. President Harry Truman spoke of promoting standards for state programs while President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s labor secretary sponsored the drafting of model workers’ comp laws.

Such involvement continued through the Ford and Carter administrations but was curtailed during the Reagan era. The Labor Department continued to track states’ compliance with the 1972 commission guidelines until 2004, when budget cuts ended the program.

Courts and lawmakers in several states have moved to restore workers’ comp protections since the ProPublica and NPR series published in 2015. Top courts in Florida and Oklahoma have overturned a number of business-friendly reforms highlighted in the series, including a two-year cap on wage benefits and a provision that allowed Oklahoma businesses to opt out of workers’ comp and write their own plans to care for injured employees. This summer, New Mexico’s Supreme Court granted farmworkers the right to workers’ comp for the first time in 100 years.

In California, the governor last week signed a bill that will reduce the roadblocks for workers to get medical care. And the state’s workers’ comp bureau is in the final stages of writing a new regulation that would allow more severely injured workers to qualify for home health care.

Last year, ProPublica profiled workers who had their home health aides taken away after a new law allowed insurance companies to reevaluate cases based on a more restrictive regulation.

ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for their newsletter.



REBLOG IT!   Remember remember:  “Without a blog and a growing database, Injured Workers are Unarmed and Unprotect in the War On Workers.”  Tell your friends and neighbors; Congress already knows!

Read the October 20, 2015 letter from federal lawmakers to dol here.


“Why is it that nobody gives a damn in this industry about big money fraud?”- David DePaolo


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Are these the words of a “vociferous militant” or simply the words of an esteemed spokesman for all stakeholders in the Workers’ Compensation field?

Thank you, David DePaolo, for all you have done on behalf of America’s Injured Worker population. RIP. https://www.workcompcentral.com//columns/print/id/i321y06u1156781ij21g0v

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