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Got Contractor Complaints

Yesterday was fun. In getting estimates for some build back stuff at home, the representative who came to the house said he knows me from LinkedIn (and mutual connections, previous biz associations and colleagues) Ha! Trippy to meet a VirtualFriend in Person!

I warned him that he might be shocked at how I am living without walls, insulation, flooring and furniture. He was so kind!! Even said he would pray for me.


The guys at State Farm and those they sent are relentless monsters, and the ones I found were not much better.

It’s not enough for them that they destroyed my home and health and stole my money, my time and my abilities to move forward with bringing YOU MORE AND BETTER PACKAGED INFORMATION ON THE RADIATION MATTERS ACROSS AMERICA.

One environmental hygienists said that if State Farm ever settles up to restore my home to preloss…

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