Workers’ Compensation is NOT an Employee Benefit. “Bad Actors” are More Than BAD ACTORS….think think think

It’s True: You Really Can Escape the Brutality and Impoverishment of Workers’ Compensation Systems And Here’s How…

Continue to #DodgeTheRads and #StayOuttaTheStreets!

Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains

With a new Administration in Washington, D.C., including a new Secretary of the Department of Labor, not only is it imperative that we individually and collectively connect with that department to alert them to the need for transformation in Workers Compensation (an Essay to the DOL Secretary within the first 100 days of the new term would be great!)—- It would also be great if a few more than the Top 25 Propagandists for the Industry begin to shout about WorkComp Transformation and Solutions!

How about: The Top 25 Ways to Spot and Deter Medical-Legal Fraud in Your State?  If you experience something, document it and report it!  

Some industry ‘experts’ suggest that the new administration will look the other way, hands-off, State sanctioned corruption and WorkComp abuses.  WE THINK NOT!

Now is the time for all people who work to learn to blog, and TWEET TWEET TWEET like…

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